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Welcome To The HUH Women's Imaging Center

The Howard University Hospital Women's Imaging Center is a leading provider in medical imaging care in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area. Our goal is to deliver an exceptional experience by providing state-of-the-art screenings and diagnostics, in a conducive environment designed to give patients comfort and peace of mind. 

Message From Our Director

Thank you for contacting the Howard University Hospital Women's Imaging Center. For the month of October, we are taking the lead in the fight against breast cancer by introducing new 3D mammography technology that vastly improves early detection of abnormalities in denser breast tissue. The Hologic Genius 3D Mammography Smart Curve is designed to provide detailed, high-quality, 3D images, offering patients a more accurate and comfortable mammogram experience.

African American women in the District of Columbia have a much higher 


breast cancer incidence and mortality rate, almost two times higher than other ethnic groups. If not properly detected and treated in the early stages, breast cancer can spread to other parts of the body and become potentially fatal. 3D mammography is recommended every year for all women starting at age 40, especially those who have a family history of breast cancer or who may be at a higher risk for developing the disease.

We are extremely excited to unveil this new technology just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which will provide a greater level of care and improve women’s health outcomes in our local community. This lifesaving service is available to you and thousands of women across the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area. Give us a call at 202-865-3610 to schedule an appointment. Thank you.



Derek M. Perkins, MPH, RT (R)

Administrative Director, Radiology

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Patient Testimonials


"I was apprehensive to get my annual mammogram due to some pain and discomfort from a previous exam during my time in California. A close friend recommended that I make an appointment at the Howard University Hospital Women's Imaging Center. Still hesitant, I called and scheduled a time to come in. It turned out to be a great experience. The process was seamless. The staff was professional and the atmosphere was amazing."

Tracy W., Lanier Heights, D.C.

"The staff at the Howard University Hospital Women's Imaging Center were very friendly, efficient and professional. With their new 3D mammography technology, I never experience any discomfort whatsoever. And I trust that my results are 100% accurate. I have told several of my friends about their incredible services." 

Shelley J., Riggs Park, D.C.

"I came to Howard to get an MRI and I didn't know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised to discover a pleasant and inviting environment. The tech explained my procedure with patience and detail. He also reassured that I would not feel any pain, which made me feel comfortable. I will definitely return in the future for any imaging procedures that I need. Thank you again for making my experience a good one."

Nadine R., Mt. Rainer, Md. 

"Keep in mind, this was the very first mammogram that I have ever had. Prior to my appointment, my peers mentioned that it would be a very bad experience. That was not the case at the HUH Women's Imaging Center. In fact, it was quite the opposite. My mammogram was completely painless. The curved shape of the machine helped a lot. The staff was also kind and reassured me that I would be fine. I'll be back in about a year to do it all over again."

Portia A., Wheaton, Md.

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